WP3: Knowledge Exchange and Piloting Alternative Business Models


  • Martin Eve (Birkbeck University)

WP 3 is dedicated to knowledge exchange and transfer, as part of the project’s central commitment to dissemination. It builds pathways to impact with relevant stakeholders from across the sector, including publishers ((New) University Presses, library-presses, scholar-led presses), academics, learned societies, and open technology developers. As part of its activities, WP3 will convene a range of publisher stakeholders at a workshop to demonstrate the new infrastructural provisions and to locate at least two non-open access publishers willing to partially transition their business models to a new open access version. Working with the selected publishers over a two-year period, WP3 will assist them in migrating their economic models to open access versions, while documenting the process. In addition, WP3 will collect case studies and associated cost data of different sales and production processes. It will review the business models of project partners and other publishers in order to identify cost reductions for open access book publishers (e.g. LongLeaf model, infrastructural cost-reductions) of all scales, and will develop an online, open-source toolkit for booting-up and running an open access book press. This toolkit is for use by emerging and existing open access book publishers to help them organise and streamline their editorial processes, production workflows, data infrastructures, and business management protocols.

Key deliverables and impacts

  • A pilot case to transition the business models of at least two extant publishers to new open access amenable models
  • An online, open-source toolkit for booting up and running an open access book press
  • Knowledge dissemination about the new infrastructural provisions of the project
  • Cost reductions and alternative business models for open access monograph publishing