in alphabetical order:

Janneke Adema (WP1, WP4, WP6, Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Kristin Antelman (UCSB Library)
Javier Arias (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Lucy Barnes (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Sherri Barnes (WP4, UCSB Library)
Emily Bell (WP7, Loughborough University)
Gareth Cole (WP7, Loughborough University Library)
Joe Deville (WP2, Mattering Press, ScholarLed, Lancaster University) 
Martin Eve (WP3, Birkbeck, University of London) 
Eelco Ferwerda (OAPEN, DOAB)
Rupert Gatti (WP5, WP7, Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed, Trinity College Cambridge)
Elli Gerakopoulou (Lancaster University)
Tom Grady (WP3, Birkbeck, University of London) 
Gary Hall (WP6, Open Humanities Press, ScholarLed, Coventry University)
Eileen Joy (WP2, punctum books, ScholarLed) 
Martin Keegan (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed)
Marcell Mars (Coventry University)
Julien McHardy (Mattering Press, ScholarLed)
Susan Miles (British Library)
Samuel Moore (WP4, WP6, Coventry University)
Agata Morka (Open Book Publishers, OPERAS-P)
Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei (punctum books, ScholarLed)
Izabella Penier (Lancaster University)
Dan Rudmann (WP2 & Outreach; punctum books, ScholarLed)
Ronald Snijder (OAPEN)
Tobias Steiner (WP1 & Outreach; Coventry University)
Graham Stone (Jisc)
Alessandra Tosi (Open Book Publishers, ScholarLed) 
Dominic Walker (British Library) 
Paul Wheatley (Digital Preservation Coalition)